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June 17, 2008


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trust me NO ONE is having fun over here in L.A. Unless fun is sleeping on cat hair sheets with dirty plate of food in your bed and layers of magazine and clothes. Then I'm rolling in the fun. I post blogs so that the "illusion" of a tidy fun time is happening. Just hurry home before I go crazy. I finally have money and no one to shop with for useless items. P.s. thought of you today in a parking garage in Venice, saw a strange hair cluster like the one you have on your blog. Except this one looked like Yosemite Sam's moustache ouch.

jessie frances

you forget to mention that you haven't seen your dear friend jessie in a million years and how hard it was for you to be so close.... yet so far.
hope to see you before we're 40 lady.. for reals

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